Friday, July 9, 2010

A while back

A while back I posted about some disc beads in solid colors that I called cairn beads and the idea was to stack them like Irish cairns (they are not shamrock green, however) and I finally got around to making a version of pendants with them. ( You can revisit that post here  cairn beads in the beginning).  You will see that the idea has morphed a little and I added some other discs with a more primitive edge.  They are large pendants, but I kinda made them just for fun, as a creative exercise, and as muse pieces for my studio.

(excuse the fuzzyness, spur of the moment photo)

There is something warrior-esque about them to me, what do you think?

On a prettier, more traditional note, I've played with the bezel beads I made.  The pink flowers were meant for a friend of mine who is mad about pink and she loved them.  They were just abstract enough for me to enjoy them, as well.  Once I varnished them, the shine added the bling I liked.

On the weather front, it was gorg-E-ous today.  About 85 for a high and cloudy.  Ate lunch on the patio.  The pups laid at my feet just soaking in the day.  Had my Ipod playing some old soft mushy songs (Van Morrison, Donovan).  It was bliss.  Little unexpected days like this in the desert in July are to be savored and sipped, no devouring allowed.....

Hope everyone is staying cool, where ever you are....

Peace and love, fellow beadies!


Lanyardlady said...

The beads are cool and I love the colors. I love unusual things. Enjoy your nice weather. It's Code Orange here.

Cathryn said...

Oh yes--days like that are meant to be savored and thoroughly enjoyed while it lasts--because tomorrow will either be freezing or a scorcher!

Love the new cairn beads--I like them--they appeal to me in a very basic, Irish way. Helps that I'm Irish, huh?

Love the bezel got me wishing I was as talented as you--maybe one of these days I'll just give working with polymer clay a shot!

Pretty Things said...

Love those bezel beads!