Thursday, July 8, 2010

Something besides clay

I played today with some ceramic pendants I got a little while ago from MaryAnn Carrol at Artisan Beads Plus.  They are such a joy to hold in the hand and I wanted to give everyone a peek at what I completed today.

The ceramic is a two hole bead perfect for some very amateur copper wire wrapping.  I then included a yellow jade tube with some Swarovki crystals in red magma.  The chain and wire are all copper.

I like the station ideas and will definitely explore this more. 

On the doggie medical side, non bead related, it is confirmed, Rudy, my oldest pup, has an inoperable mass on his muzzle.  He was such a good boy at the vet yesterday.  He let them poke and prod and investigate, but we agreed I would just let him finish out without much intervention.  He is going to make it to 15, I just know it (December).  He is eating well and still playing with his "girls", so we are not mourning here.  We are celebrating,  Ah oooooooh!, that he has more time.  I know you all will send good vibes and we love all of you for that.

Peace and love to all.


Lanyardlady said...

That is beautiful, Elizabeth! I love the color choices and the copper wire. Very elegant. Sorry to hear about Rudy, but I know he has had a happy life and will be that way as long as he is with you. Give him a hug for me.

Mary Ann Carroll said...

Fab Work Elizabeth! I'll post it on my site by tomorrow! I LOVE IT! Great pics too :O) MaryAnn

Cathryn said...

Now see? After the last Bead Soup Party, I'm wanting to play with chain. And you, My Friend, have done just that! I LOVE that necklace and your color choices--of course copper is a favorite of mine!

While my heart goes out to you about Rudy, I also understand the need to celebrate. Count me in on the good vibes and thoughts and give your dogs a hug from the Cat Lady.

Patti said...

Love this necklace! Great combination of components!