Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Instead of cleaning today, I

Made beads and more beads and played with clay.  I deconstructed some canes and really like the results.  Here is the pre cured bounty.  Enjoy!

I'm challenging myself with more color these days and it feels adventuresome.

The pan ready to go.  This is a hodge podge of stuff and ideas.

A few months ago I bought some silver plated bezels from FMG and hadn't had a chance to play with them until now.  I made some polymer clay cane "fabric" and filled the bezels with "cabs" from the fabric.  This was SO MUCH FUN!  I'll take better photos of the bezel pieces once they are cured.  They are just little delights.  The will actually work well for earrings, noticeable but not overwhelming.  And they will be so finished looking.  This bezel thing is dangerous.

Well, I'm off to eat dinner and watch some wonderfully horrible reality TV.  I'm Elizabeth, and I am addicted to reality TV.  It has been 12 hours since my last viewing.....

The pooches say "hey".  Rudy has shots tomorrow and then Tess and then Daisy.  They can't all go at once, Mom is too old for that.

Not blog photos again, geesh!  C'mon mom, give us the gosh darn cookies already!

Peace and love to all.


Pretty Things said...

Awesome beads!

Lanyardlady said...

Oh what fun it is to play with clay and bezels! I tried making clay beads and I just didn't have the talent like you do. My Sophie had her rabies booster last week, so I feel for your puppies — and momma!

Cathryn said...

Uh oh...I'm going to get inspired to buy some canes and work with bezels. I already know I don't have your talent. I've been oooooooing and ahhhhhhhing over the beads I won from you, and planning how to use them! But bezels and clay? I'm be a done-for sucker! I cant' wait to see more!

Elizabeth said...

Aww, thank you guys!! (blushing) Y'all are 2 sweet!