Sunday, January 31, 2010

I won a book...................

Hip hip Hooray.  I won a book from Lisa Crone at A Bead a Day!  How exciting to win stuff.  I'm in dire need of inspiration.  Real job stuff has been very stressful, so I truly need a bit of help to get going with some designs.  All my plans for the blog and etsy have fallen pathetically behind...ugh.

Cloudy and very cool here in Far West Texas and the dog babies and I have been VERY lazy.  Shamefully so!

Well, I'm off to a CSI marathon in my living room, ha.  Have a fantastic week everyone!!!

Smile big and often, every minute that you can.


PS:  Here is Lisa's fantastic blog...enjoy

Saturday, January 23, 2010

My bead soup partner

Necklace and Earrings by Kathryn Brooks-Williams
Hi all:  I just was looking at my parnter's blog, Chile Cats, and ran across a necklace and earring set she had just made (see above).  I just wanted to highlight some of her items as part of our bead swap!  Her cats are also a star of her blog which I love being a pet person.

Rainy and windy in West Texas I've been napping most of the day and chillaxing with the dog babies.

I recently finished up some carved/stamped beads I have made.  I love the rusticness.  Please excuse the focus, just wanted to post some of my work.  Better pictures on the way, PROMISE!  :D

By Elizabeth Freeman  Jan 2010

Enjoy your weekend.  Peace out!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Book of Eli; Up in the Air

Hi all:

Saw Book of Eli and Up in the Air.  Both stories of redemption and purpose.  No spoilers here.  Denzel at his most grizzled (still hubba,hubba) and George Clooney all cleaned up and VERY pretty!  Up in the Air had the nice little surprise of Sam Elliott (hubba cubed).  Had a wonderful, gossipy breakfast with a good friend on Saturday.  She has been able to release some demonish relationships (very hard for her) and we celebrated over eggs and tortillas.

On the beading scene, played with clay yesterday and assembled my bead soup package.  Made a lot of beads yesterday using the tutorial I bought from Iris Mishley (heart pillow beads).  Making the clay fabric was soooooo liberating. If you want to purchase see here:     Yellow, brown, pink orange, red...really...REALLY.  They worked, at least IMO.  The striped sheet didn't come out too badly either, if I say so myself.  Thanks to Iris for such a well done tutorial.  So inspiring.

What a great weekend.  I feel rested and able to work again.   Ahhhhhhh.... "See" you all some time this week.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

BEAD Soup update!

Hi all:  Got my Bead Soup package from Cathryn in New Mexico.  Too wonderful for words!  All blue goodness, can't wait to play.  Mine will be on the way to Cathryn on Monday!  This is very exciting.....eeeeeeeeeeeee :D

I've been working like a madwoman this week at the day job.  Had a fantastic training on Mon and Tue about how to coach people.  4 amazing women who know their stuff.  I love valuable training and need valuable training.

I also sold my second car yesterday to the neighbor for their son.  He starting community college on Monday and is a great kid.  The funny part is the car is out of my drive way, but parked in front of my house, LOL.  I looked out this morning to check the weather and was surprised to see it sitting there.

Very sad about Haiti.  Truly makes me appreciate all the magnificience in my life.  I am very blessed and pray that many more get rescued alive.

Well, thanks again Cathryn and more soon.  Have a great weekend everyone!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Avatar and Sherlock

Saw AVATAR today, so now my wonderful friend George can talk about it with me and I'll know what he is saying.  Anyway, about halfway through I needed an Avatar to keep watching while I could go visit "Mrs. Murphy" (read euphemism here).

The visuals were stunning and kept me interested when my mind would wander off the plot (that happens with me and sci fi).  The 3 D was very well done and the colors were amazing.

My question, did anyone else get distracted by the beautiful adornments of the natives?  I did.  I kept thinking, I could make that, and that and THAT too!

Saw Sherlock Holmes last week and liked it more than Avatar.  The look of Sherlock Holmes is like steampunk porn.  Guy Ritchie nailed the feel of London and the costumes were beyond any others that have been attempted.

Well, those are my movie updates.  Tomorrow I find out who my Bead Soup Party partner is.  YAY!!

Have a great Monday everyone!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Bead soup party.........

Here is the link to the Bead Soup Party info from Lori Anderson.  Everybody Bead Soup tonight...everybody wang chung tonight.  I know I know!!!

Lori Anderson's Virtual bead soup party, Swap involved

Have fun