Friday, July 23, 2010

Perhaps I've gone too far....Nah..........

I'm one of those creative types that likes to look at creations that are not practical, but in my dream head wish I could really wear, say, a red tartan plaid 6 ft. chicken hat to work. (I'm still working on it...)  So that is my disclaimer.  I have become obsessed with my cairn beads, especially since I wire wrapped them into 2 sets.  I've kept them by my computer while I surf or "research" and glance over at them and think...hmmmmm... 

Well one day I was at my day job desk and my mind wandered away (as has been my pattern all my life...I'm Elizabeth, I'm a daydreamer) and it dawned on me....Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh....(insert angels and choirs here)....A BRACELET!!!  But how, BUT HOW, really, yes, you can...

So I started playing this morning and shaped one of the wire sets across my hand (keep in mind these beads are on the large-ish size).  But fear not, the 6 ft red tartan plaid chicken hat had possessed my brain and there was no stopping me!  I gathered some simple chain and several jumprings and worked the mechanics...and before you could say "Bob's your uncle", Voila, est aqui!
It's WEARABLE in a sense, if you like big floppy things on your wrist, but the key exercise in this became making the "clasp" by wrapping the black bead with a chain contraption.  So below you will see that "clasp".

I made a "toggle loop" by enclosing the chain with two jump rings spaced about 3/4" apart.  This wraps around the black bead and is secure, again if you like big floppy things at your wrist, aka a bracelet.  It's not uncomfortable, per se, because the beads and components are light, despite the diameter of the beads.

I think it could stand some charm action for the two dangly bits.  Also, as an aside, it is a good thing I didn't wake up as a teen and go to my parents and say, " Mom, Dad, I'm not going to college, I've decided to become a hand model."  EEK, that is an unretouched, almost 57 -year old, Irish-DNA'd (thanks, MOM) skinned hand (run save yourselves, LOOK AWAY!!  LOL) 

Anyway, you get the idea.  So the last part of my creative process tale is that this exercise led me to think about a necklace as more "practical" (6 ft red tartan plaid chicken hat alert).  I'm going to "engineer" a necklace with the other set, and probably rework this set into a necklace as well.
What are your thoughts???

Another detail just for grins.

It's Friday.  We have a little heat reprieve here in Desert West Texas.  Had a nice rain last night, so I don't have to water today....YAY!

Don't forgive my bead give away.  Get cracking on those comments.


Peace and love, beadheads!


Lanyardlady said...

I love the bracelet! How smart you are. One reason I don't do many bracelets or necklaces is because I just don't get the clasp thing. (Can we say right-brained?) And to your question, yes I believe necklaces lend themselves to more unusual components. They're longer, more visible, you can use bright colors to bring out eye and hair color, and they don't get in your way when you're typing on the computer.

Pretty Things said...

That's really cool! Love the beads, too!