Sunday, February 28, 2010

Rainy days

We had a nice, soft rain this morning, hopefully more to come.  I had nothing pressing to do nor anywhere to be, so I was able to just enjoy.  I and my pack just lounging.  Did get a rousing game of fetch around 11 and then settled back in to watch a movie. 

Next week is state testing, so the week is going to be a little crazy.  I'll never understand the need for all the testing we do, but it is mandated, so on we tread.  I, at least, get to stay in one place and possibly avoid actually proctoring (Thank you, Lord).  Proctoring exams is one of the most tedious jobs in the life of a public school educator, in my opinion.  Plus, I hate the tension placed on the students.  Also, not one bad teacher has ever been removed because of test results, yet, hundreds of students have not graduated because of not being able to pass exit level exams.  Seems a bit backwards to me.  OKAY, RANT OVER.

I'll leave you with some more recent work.

First up is a bracelet made with some charming ceramic bird beads from Happy Mango Beads.  I thought they were crying out to be paired with the turquoise class and silver.  I was going for rustic with the knotted turquoise string.  The toggle is a polymer leaf button made by moi (not very visible).

The second item is another tassel necklace (design inspired by Humble Beads/Heather).  I made the polymer focal with canes made by Elaine Robataille (Too Aquarius).  The purple tassels are well over 3" long so it is a bold statement.

'Til Tuesday....enjoy...peace and love from West Texas.


Cathryn said...

Hey Elizabeth--this is so neat! I love seeing your work! It gives me ideas and things to ponder about my own! Did you sign up for the bead swap? I did and my butter tub is ready to ship!

State testing--please don't get me started. I can provide all kinds of research that shows that this constant testing is NOT improving our education!

Ok--enough of my soapbox...Have a stress-less week!

Elaine said...

Neat! I had to pop in and look to see what you'd made!