Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Okay...not so good with the exercise

Okay, Mon and Tue were a wash.  So Wednesday is going to get it done, right?  We'll see.  We had a serious cold snap here in El Paso and snow today.  Wednesday looks more promising!

Tomorrow will be hectic for my department, but I'll be at a big campus that will require lots of walking from place to place.  I have to do classroom walkthroughs, so that will add extra steps as well.  I'm hoping to get some more in.

Here is some more eye candy to tide you over until the weekend.  Enjoy.  Peace to all. 

Below is my favorite kind of bead to make: textured and patinated.  Polymer clay is perfect for those applications.

The pendant with dangle design was inspired by Lisa at Polka Dot Cottage.


Cathryn said...

WOW! You do have some amazing talent! Those are pretty!

We had our snow and cold spell here. It started warming up yesterday--just enough to melt the snow and guess what? Tomorrow we are getting more snow! So my exercise has been a washout as well. *sighs*

Anonymous said...

Isn't that how it always is.. I so was going to make 2010 the year of health and creativity ... so far been out for nearly 3 weeks, one of those in the hosp with pnemonia...just keep trying, that is what I tell myself.. one day at at time ! Love your banner by the way...what a view !

Elizabeth said...

Cathryn and Muse: Thank you for your encouragement and comments. I'm so happy that I've found some exercise "company". Today I walked quite a lot. I'm just focusing on more movement for the time being.

Pretty Things said...

It's ok to skip some days!!!!

I love the polymer daisy!