Sunday, February 21, 2010


I've had a nice weekend and still have half the day to go...YAY!!  I've started a new exercise regimen today.  A few years ago I rebelled against gyms and put in equipment in a spare bedroom.  That way I could tumble out of bed and exercise in my PJs.  I then put a walking path in my backyard (the local park is too crowded) so I thought I had everything in place.  I was doing very well with daily exercise and staying moderately in shape (no weight loss---another story), then my sciatic nerve went nuts on me. 

The pain is constantly there and has slowly eroded my daily activities. I could see using a walker in my near future.  When I shop using a cart helps my stamina.   I manage just enough movement to do my job.  Friday, I said ENOUGH to myself and my sorry lazy a**.  I had a long internal chat with myself: "Slowly but surely will win the race, Elizabeth."  "You are not in competition, so if you feel a lot of pain, sit down and then start again." "No one is watching or keeping score."  "The pain is there no matter what and must be addressed, just move through it." 

I used to love long walks, just meandering through neighborhoods and I'm hoping I can get back to that. I started with 10 minutes today and will keep that through the week.  YES I WILL!  The furbabies are great encouragement, although they think I should be playing catch with them every minute I'm outside, ha!

Okay, 'nuff ramblin'.  Here is a piece I did about a month ago .  I got the idea from Heather at Humblebeads and fell in love with the design.  The focal is my own polymer clay bead.  Enjoy.

I hope you all are doing something wonderful today, wherever you might be and with whomever!  Love and peace to all.  :D


Pretty Things said...

This is a pretty necklace!

Elizabeth said...

Thank you!

Cathryn said...

That's really pretty Elizabeth! How talented you are!

I know what you mean by exercise. My doctors want me walking 45 minutes-1 hour three times a day. With my crazy schedule, it's not doable at this point! Hopefully, once it warms up, I can get my walking in done in the morning and then maybe get a quick one in the afternoon.

Artgalcrafts said...

Hi Elizabeth I like this necklace so fresh looking and love the focal bead. I know how Sciatica pain can be, so hope you are fairing a bit better now.
Are you a Cindy Leitz follower ?
I am and altho have been doing Poly for about 6yrs am still learning. love everything I see.
Best wishes