Monday, January 18, 2010

Book of Eli; Up in the Air

Hi all:

Saw Book of Eli and Up in the Air.  Both stories of redemption and purpose.  No spoilers here.  Denzel at his most grizzled (still hubba,hubba) and George Clooney all cleaned up and VERY pretty!  Up in the Air had the nice little surprise of Sam Elliott (hubba cubed).  Had a wonderful, gossipy breakfast with a good friend on Saturday.  She has been able to release some demonish relationships (very hard for her) and we celebrated over eggs and tortillas.

On the beading scene, played with clay yesterday and assembled my bead soup package.  Made a lot of beads yesterday using the tutorial I bought from Iris Mishley (heart pillow beads).  Making the clay fabric was soooooo liberating. If you want to purchase see here:     Yellow, brown, pink orange, red...really...REALLY.  They worked, at least IMO.  The striped sheet didn't come out too badly either, if I say so myself.  Thanks to Iris for such a well done tutorial.  So inspiring.

What a great weekend.  I feel rested and able to work again.   Ahhhhhhh.... "See" you all some time this week.


Cathryn said...

Hey Elizabeth! I found you!

I had to tell you that I along an award to you. Please check my blog for details! :D

Cathryn said...

Hi Elizabeth! I wanted to tell you that I love your blog! I had to give you an award! Please visit my blog for details.

Thanks for visiting my "place." It's great to make new friends!

Cathryn said...

Hi Elizabeth! I left comments but they don't seem to be sticking for some reason. Check out my blog from a couple of days ago--I left you an award! :D