Saturday, January 16, 2010

BEAD Soup update!

Hi all:  Got my Bead Soup package from Cathryn in New Mexico.  Too wonderful for words!  All blue goodness, can't wait to play.  Mine will be on the way to Cathryn on Monday!  This is very exciting.....eeeeeeeeeeeee :D

I've been working like a madwoman this week at the day job.  Had a fantastic training on Mon and Tue about how to coach people.  4 amazing women who know their stuff.  I love valuable training and need valuable training.

I also sold my second car yesterday to the neighbor for their son.  He starting community college on Monday and is a great kid.  The funny part is the car is out of my drive way, but parked in front of my house, LOL.  I looked out this morning to check the weather and was surprised to see it sitting there.

Very sad about Haiti.  Truly makes me appreciate all the magnificience in my life.  I am very blessed and pray that many more get rescued alive.

Well, thanks again Cathryn and more soon.  Have a great weekend everyone!

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Pretty Things said...

Did you take a picture of your stash? I can't decide whether to take a picture to show now, or wait and show it as "before" and "after" the day of the "Show Your Stuff".