Sunday, January 10, 2010

Avatar and Sherlock

Saw AVATAR today, so now my wonderful friend George can talk about it with me and I'll know what he is saying.  Anyway, about halfway through I needed an Avatar to keep watching while I could go visit "Mrs. Murphy" (read euphemism here).

The visuals were stunning and kept me interested when my mind would wander off the plot (that happens with me and sci fi).  The 3 D was very well done and the colors were amazing.

My question, did anyone else get distracted by the beautiful adornments of the natives?  I did.  I kept thinking, I could make that, and that and THAT too!

Saw Sherlock Holmes last week and liked it more than Avatar.  The look of Sherlock Holmes is like steampunk porn.  Guy Ritchie nailed the feel of London and the costumes were beyond any others that have been attempted.

Well, those are my movie updates.  Tomorrow I find out who my Bead Soup Party partner is.  YAY!!

Have a great Monday everyone!

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