Sunday, February 6, 2011

We are closed Monday, a water crisis!!


Of all the emergencies over the last few days, the water emergency makes the most sense.  We live in DESERT for Pete's and everybody else's sake.  The water company is blaming the Electric company and the gas company is blaming the Electric company.  I agree with their assessments.

When the Electric held their press conference yesterday they in essence confirmed that they are stupidest engineers in the nation, possibly the world.  Said they would not have done anything differently.  Would not have brought in extra insulation, heaters, etc.  I personally hope the CEO's are collectively fired. Being 2011, however, they'll probably get a bonus!  You know they will.  Arrrgggghhh. 

The heroes in this mess are the poor souls who had to go out in FREEEEEEEEEEEEEZING cold weather (night and day) and manually switch switches back on, fix broken pipes, address gas pressure, and deal with angry customers.

Long story short, we are out of school for the 4th day in row, yet no one is supposed to cook, bathe, wash or I guess breath for that matter. 

However, I really must say my attitude after this unexpected break is the following: 


Cathryn said...

Enjoy is right! Because you know you will be working your fanny off when it's all over.

Our school hasn't said if we are closed or on a delay and I know there were water breaks in several buildings. Plus tonight, the street that leads directly to the university is pure ice. Drivers have been sliding all over the place.

Stay warm and toasty! Stay safe!

Lanyardlady said...

Another beading day!