Wednesday, February 2, 2011


My Bounty from Ema K

As promised I have a photo of my wonderful Bead Bounty from Ema K. How gorgeous are these?  Yummy.   She included a magnificient handmade lampwork focal, some boro glass, some pale cherry quartz, some green and pink crystals and a beautiful clasp.  I made out like a bandit.  I cannot wait to dig in and start creating.  These beads are enough in and out of my comfort colors that I will be challenged yet not frozen. Also, this mix included some wonderful chocolates (which I ate before I took the pictures, oops).  Chocolate and beads...what's not to love!

We had a rare event for El Paso....real snow (about 2 inches) which of course shut the town down.  Yay, snow day. (and a snow day tomorrow) Usually in El Paso when we do have snow it melts right away because the next day is so sunny.  Not today.  We are also having RECORD low freezing temps,maybe down to 2' tonight or LOWER.  So low, the Elec co is implementing rolling blackouts to relieve the surge on the system.  We have been with and without electric twice today, so I'm taking advantage of being connected.  I'm no survivalist, so being with out electric is not something I relish.  I want 21st century comfort and I'm not ashamed.

A small aside, I've been thinking a lot this winter of when my family was relocated to Michigan in the early '60's from El Paso.  Today reminded me of the first October blizzard and the snow had piled up against the doors and garage.  My mom called the school to confirm that we were out for the day and the secretary politely assured her that, "No, Ma'am, school is in today."  Well I walked to school wearing every concievable item of warm clothing I had  and I SURVIVED, LOL.  Quite an adventure for a desert rat.
So this week, while prepping for the state ELA test with my 14 and 15 year old darlings, one of my boys said: "Miss, I'm not going to take TAKS because I'm moving to Canada."  I reminded him that he shivers with a hood on when it is 80', so I didn't think Canada the best choice for him.  LOL

I'll have photos and a video of Daisy chasing the ball in the snow.  The BALL is Daisy's form of crack.

Keep warm everyone.  Love to all.


Lanyardlady said...

Such pretty will create a treat for the eyes, I'm sure. Enjoy your snow and thank El Paso for getting it instead of us!

Cathryn said...

OMG! Rolling blackouts?!?!??! There's no WAY we would survive north--VERY north---of you if that happened here! We're sitting at 11 degrees F BELOW zero--and we may have hit 6 degrees for our high today! Brrrrrrrrrr Stay Warm and Toasty!

On that note--you did make out like a bandit! And you are so worthy of these beautiful, lovely, lucious beads! Woooooooohoooooo! Wanna see what you create!

Emakaye said...

Thank you Elizabeth for your kind words about the beads you received. :D. I am looking forward to the big reveal tomorrow.
I hope you have survived all the snow and turmoil and I hope life is getting back to normal for you. See you tomorrow.