Friday, February 4, 2011


OKAY, universe, I get it.  I'm getting old.  Went for a followup with a new doc, whom I like very much.  She did enough blood work to make a vampire drool.  So I'm seeing lots of normals, good, check.  Then we get to the BAD!!!  Seems I'm deficient in Vitamin D, didn't even know they tested for that...  IN THE SUN CITY.  Of course I never see the light of day.  Anyway, seems that number should be at 50, mine was 11 and not funny Spinal Tap 11.  Perhaps I AM  a vampire.  I now will be taking a weekly 50,000 (not a typo) unit Vitamin D.  Seems Vitamin D deficiency can increase pain, depression and tiredness.  Also, I was low positive for possible auto immune issues.  Soooooooooooo I'm being referred to a rheumatologist who is supposed to be amazing.

Okay, universe knocks again and as I walk in the door I hear 2 pops and my washer hoses have popped off and water is gushing everywhere.  I dash out to turn off the water to assess the issue.  I go to Lowe's and everyone in the world is in the plumbing aisle.  Manage to Mickey Mouse a fix.  Turn water back on low, so far so good.  Fingers crossed.

Sooooooooooo in my calculations, tomorrow should be wonderful.


Cathryn said...

Isn't that amazing about the Vitamin D? It's so vital and necessary for everything from blood pressure to healthy bones, and yet some insurance companies (MEDICARE) won't pay for testing it.

Hope the popped hoses are as good as fixed and your weekend is a LOT better! :D

Lanyardlady said...

Wow, that will be like carrying your own little sun around with you. Hope it helps you feel better. Congrats on being able to fix your washer problem. Me, I'm not so handy.

Elizabeth said...

Thanks, ladies. Always nice to be supported. You girls are the best!!