Friday, February 11, 2011

Meet Aidan Freeman

Hi, I'm Aidan

Here is the newest member of the Freeman family.  Aidan is a boxer (mother) and bulldog (father) mix and is absolutely adorable.  When picking a name I went to baby name websites and Aidan means "little fire" and that he is.  This photo was a rare two second on his Harry Potter blankie.

He was born on December 29 and has 10 brothers and sisters.  His new family, Daisy and Tess, are shall we say, adjusting to the decision.

So forgive my absence, but as you can see I have fallen in love.


Cathryn said...

I would have fallen in love as well! How lucky is he? How lucky are Tess and Daisy? And now you have your boy! Congratulations to you all!

Angela said...

I just saw this photo on Lanyardlady's blog and had to come take a closer look! He looks so much like our dog, Todd!! He is SO cute!