Sunday, May 30, 2010

Errands and a finished project

Yesterday was errand day.  My first view as I leave my driveway is always this:

Then I noticed the temperature in the car.  El Paso heat is in full bloom:

Then off for moolah, some Jackson's if you please!  As an aside, I've always thought my Uncle Alfred looked like Andrew Jackson, same hair for sure:

Today, I watered, played catch with Daisy and finished my American Idol Victoriana piece.  This was inspired several weeks ago when Siobahn was still in the competition.  Didn't care for her voice, but the necklace she wore one night mesmerized me.  So here is my interpretation.  Enjoy.  I'm off to see what the neighbors are grilling...taking a plate of course, LOL!

American Idol Victoriana

Some detail, a very textured piece.

Peace and love to all.  Remembering all those, including my dad, brother and brother in law, who served and are serving our nation so unselfishly!  God Bless us all and come home soon everyone.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Linkie Lookie Loo Tuesday

Just hopping around some of my favorite blogs and seeing what's happenin'. 

Over on Polymer Clay Daily I'm loving yesterday's extruder post.  Love me some extrudin'. 

At Kris' Color Stripes she is visiting colors with her wonderful color stories as usual. 

Art Bead Scene Blog gave us great instructions for installing Etsy widgets to our blogs (I have been trying to do that for months).

Andrew Thornton is showing off his amazing entries.  Hope you voted, I have, for Andrew, all the way!

Lisa Clarke is wowing us again with her great photography from her NEW camera, showing us the REAL Jersey Shore.

Dancin' Jules, the moderator for Polymer Clay at Craftgossip is helping us to celebrate towel day.

Cathryn at Chile Cats takes us through the adventures of cats on leashes!  Too cute.

The Lanyard Lady helps us look at documenting our progress through our beading journey.  Her writing is lovely.

Mary Ann at Dispatch from LA is planning another adventure far away.

Lastly, but far from least, a shout out to Happy Mango Beads.  They have great sales and unique beads.  Just their name alone makes me smile, smile, smile.

This was fun taking you through some of the virtual living rooms I visit in an attempt to ease my soul.

Peace and love to all.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Hummingbird visitor and a little bling....

I have had the most darling hummingbird visiting my mesquite tree in the front yard for 2 days.  H/she isn't even bothered by the dogs.  It actually sat in the tree, I had never seen a hummingbird do that before.  It was too sweet.

Both Daisy and Rudy are almost fully mended.  Rudy is eating well, not quite full servings, but munching along.  He actually ran after a ball today.  Daisy's stye is gone and she is none the worst for wear.  Tess just plowed along through it all.  She is a tough little girl.  When she was three Tess was mauled by an Akita from out of nowhere.  She was in a terrible state for two weeks and then bounded back and has been fine ever since.  When I rescued her from the Animal control I was looking for my Chester.  I never found Chester ( I think someone gave him a home), but I found Tess.  She was all meek in her cage and very quiet.  Come to find out it was all an act, she hasn't had a quiet moment since, LOL.  Tess rules the other two even though they are over twice her size, it is a hoot to watch.

Anyway, kind of an animal day.  Watering and such.  Made some jewelry to sell, simple earrings in fun colors.

Rudy and Daisy, yes they have their own couch!

The Queen, Tess.  Can we say spoiled!?

Had to add a little bling for the day.  This is a piece I made out of one of my wild colors beads.  Simple wood beads on a silver ball chain.  Very summery.

Peace and love to all.

Thursday, May 20, 2010 the deep end???

Hi all:  Well, Rudy is MUCH better.  Still being picky about food (has always been on and off), but is eating with some coaxing.  Walking better.  Now, Daisy, my youngest has developed a small stye on her white eye side.  Oy,  these guys are going to drive me to drink.  Thanks for all the love.

On to color....I think I have really gone of the deep end with this batch, lemon yellow, orange, purple (dark) and lime green.  Went stripe-ty and mokume.  I like the results although the combo jars me a little.
Let me know what you think.  Thanks.

Wild stripes and tubes!!!

Wild mokume stack!

Peace and love to all!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Rudy and New colors part deux....

Hello all on May 16, 2010.  I have a sick dog baby.  He is an old man (Rudy) and having old man days.  Probably going to have make the "decision" sometime in the near future.  Ugh!  Had to share...sorry.

My brown-eyed handsome man! Rudy today!

On a lighter note, for my own sanity, back to new colors.  Finally baked the creations.  Again, I'm not a pink girl.  I'm a blue, brown and green girl with black thrown in just because, so the following are quite a radical departure for me.  The fruit canes are from Elaine at Too Aquarius and since I had gone to the pink, orange world, I knew I had to use those canes.  Doesn't she do great work?  Such clean detail and such a joy to use.

I made a striped cane with bright pink, orange, lavendar.  I then took scraps from that and mokume'd them into a sheet.  So what you have are some future earrings, maybe charms.  Hope they brighten your Sunday!

Peace and love to all.
Striped tubes (future earrings?)

Fruit canes by Elaine Robataille (Too Aquarius)

Some tab earrings and striped beads.

Orange you glad it's the weekend!

Feeling a little striped and mokume'd.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

New colors

Hello everyone:  "Tuesday afternoon................." Ahh, the Moody Blues.  Yes, Virginia there was music before 1990.  Anyway, I digress.  I mixed up and played with some new color combos.  Not ready to show any finished work just yet, but think pink, lavender, orange and lime green.  Had fun, not my usual combos, but I love the beads I made. 

Hadn't felt the muse in awhile so it was nice to play and just let things unfold.  No plan, no structure, just where do I want to wonder.  I definitely need to do more of that.  Just wonder and wander, in every way: beads, clay, work, the yard, the city.  Let things be a little out of whack.  Especially personally having no deadlines, no "I must finish this or else I won't..." Won't what????  Okay, right here: if I don't finish something I start creatively I will not let it be considered failure, but rather a little sidetrip, the road not fully travelled. 

I'm liking this direction!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a loving and peaceful week everyone.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Oleanders in May

Happy Mother's Day everyone!  I truly mean everyone.  All of us have nurtured something to fruition in our lives.  So celebrate.  My white oleander has gone wild and I have decided to share these with you all.  I haven't posted in soooooooooooo long.  Just busy at work and creating at home.  Also, didn't have a whole lot to say.  Enjoy the photos.  Love and peace to all!

A little shady, but detailed.