Sunday, May 16, 2010

Rudy and New colors part deux....

Hello all on May 16, 2010.  I have a sick dog baby.  He is an old man (Rudy) and having old man days.  Probably going to have make the "decision" sometime in the near future.  Ugh!  Had to share...sorry.

My brown-eyed handsome man! Rudy today!

On a lighter note, for my own sanity, back to new colors.  Finally baked the creations.  Again, I'm not a pink girl.  I'm a blue, brown and green girl with black thrown in just because, so the following are quite a radical departure for me.  The fruit canes are from Elaine at Too Aquarius and since I had gone to the pink, orange world, I knew I had to use those canes.  Doesn't she do great work?  Such clean detail and such a joy to use.

I made a striped cane with bright pink, orange, lavendar.  I then took scraps from that and mokume'd them into a sheet.  So what you have are some future earrings, maybe charms.  Hope they brighten your Sunday!

Peace and love to all.
Striped tubes (future earrings?)

Fruit canes by Elaine Robataille (Too Aquarius)

Some tab earrings and striped beads.

Orange you glad it's the weekend!

Feeling a little striped and mokume'd.


Cathryn said...

What's wrong with Rudy other than old age? *sighs sadly* How old is he? That "decision" does not come lightly so I feel for you. Let me know if you need a friend.

Pretty Things said...

I second what Cathryn said -- what's up with Rudy? We have a 19 year old half-blind diabetic cat in renal failure, so we have some hard decisions that will likely need to be made soon, too, and it sucks.

On a good note, I love your vibrant beads!

(((hugs to you)))