Sunday, May 23, 2010

Hummingbird visitor and a little bling....

I have had the most darling hummingbird visiting my mesquite tree in the front yard for 2 days.  H/she isn't even bothered by the dogs.  It actually sat in the tree, I had never seen a hummingbird do that before.  It was too sweet.

Both Daisy and Rudy are almost fully mended.  Rudy is eating well, not quite full servings, but munching along.  He actually ran after a ball today.  Daisy's stye is gone and she is none the worst for wear.  Tess just plowed along through it all.  She is a tough little girl.  When she was three Tess was mauled by an Akita from out of nowhere.  She was in a terrible state for two weeks and then bounded back and has been fine ever since.  When I rescued her from the Animal control I was looking for my Chester.  I never found Chester ( I think someone gave him a home), but I found Tess.  She was all meek in her cage and very quiet.  Come to find out it was all an act, she hasn't had a quiet moment since, LOL.  Tess rules the other two even though they are over twice her size, it is a hoot to watch.

Anyway, kind of an animal day.  Watering and such.  Made some jewelry to sell, simple earrings in fun colors.

Rudy and Daisy, yes they have their own couch!

The Queen, Tess.  Can we say spoiled!?

Had to add a little bling for the day.  This is a piece I made out of one of my wild colors beads.  Simple wood beads on a silver ball chain.  Very summery.

Peace and love to all.


Cathryn said...

I'm so glad your dogs are getting better. Your dogs have their own couch--that's too cool. Our ferals have their own room with a futon. LOL What we do for our pets.

Love that necklace--I don't wear bold colors often but that is something I would put on for energy!

Lanyardlady said...

Sweet doggies! And Miss Tess does indeed look regal! Aren't they just the best companions?