Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A new design: Meet the Orbit necklace

I haven't been a total creative slob.  I've been creating, just not blogging.  Needed to be in my head for a while and not online. Here is one of my latest creations and the process to get there.  Lesson: Force yourself to be open to the inspiration, especially when you don't feel you can!

Being back on a campus, especially high school, the assignments in the various subjects have left odd inspirations with me and my muse.  Our high school encourages teachers to let the students do visual representation of their learning and then they are put on display in the hall ways, all wildly different and creative.  A recent science class next to me did some planetary exploration and this is the result.

The purple and orange beads are deconstructed cane beads made by moi.  I added some matte glass pony beads and wrapped some sections of large leather lacing at stations in 16 guage copper wire.  Threw in a little assymetry and voila-you have the ORBIT NECKLACE


Peace and love, fellow beadies!

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Lanyardlady said...

I love this! So creative, and fantastic beads. Great to have you back on the blog, Elizabeth.