Monday, June 28, 2010

O M G, can we say lazy....

I'm on day 4 of a 17 day stay at home vacation.  How many ways can we say lazy?  However many there are I have been them since Thursday evening and I feel no guilt!  I was ex--haus--ted.  I passed tired on Wednesday and Thursday I entered the zip code of FRIED.

I'm feeling relaxed now and somewhat human again.  Yay and the pups are enjoying Mom's undivided attention.

I have some moments to share from last week, first of which is cooking.  I do cook when the inclination hits me and I'm fairly competent with ingredients I'm familiar with.  On Monday I went crazy and went to Wally Mart and stalked the produce section: walked out with onions (can't have too many), big green bell peppers and half a very large red cabbage head!  I was planning 2 meals minimum.

On Tuesday evening at a sweltering 90 degrees (felt like 190') in my kitchen I decided to cook.  I sauteed chicken pieces with onions and bell pepper (a little garlic, some basil).  I then sauteed some red cabbage with onions and butter (fake butter).  I finished up with couscous made very simply.

Voila, yumtastic and left overs for two lunches!

Not the greatest photo, but trust me the smells were amazing and yummy.

Come Saturday, I was in the mood for picadillo, a local favorite that I have gussied up to my tastes.  Locally it included jalapenos, but my old stomach can't handle that so bell peppers are a nice sub.  Anyway, couldn't be simpler: sautee onions, bell peppers, spices (garlic, salt, pepper, oregano, touch of basil), toss in some browned ground beef, top off with some canned diced tomatoes(drained) and plain canned pinto beans (drained), let simmer 20 minutes.  Crazy good.  I paired it with some tortilla chips and shredded mozarella.  Munch, munch....

in the pan
On the plate!

Yesterday evening saw a much needed thunderstorm.  There is absolutely no greater smell, in my opinion, than rain on dry, desert dirt.  I would wear it as cologne.  Prior to the thunderstorm we were treated to "fire on the mountain" in the form of a sunset.  I'm so blessed with my view.  This is the reason I bought my house.  Enjoy.  Beading stuff coming up later on this week.


Peace and love to all.  Stay well.


Cathryn said...

Ok--I'm so with you that there's nothing better than the smell of rain in a hot desert. That's a perfume I could easily wear myself.

Your recipes look super yummy. I have to modify them to fit in with my restricted diet but I think I can do that.

Enjoy your vacation! I can't wait for my own to come. August is too far away today!

Lanyardlady said...

And now I'm hungry! Will have to try all these recipes. Love, love cabbage, so it may be first! Keep on bein' lazy!

Cathryn said...

I can't find the right email Elizabeth! I but received your beads and have been in total awe! Many, many thanks! Every time I take them out to describe them to someone or to just sit and hold them, one of the cats come up and tries to claim one for themselves. I know what I'm going to use the recycled glass for and the polymer clay set is going to my mother! She'll LOVE IT!

Again, many, many thanks!

Mary Ann said...

come on over for dinner STAT.
you're cooking right?
I'll make the martinis.

Elizabeth said...

Mary Ann: LOL. Martini's yum!