Sunday, June 6, 2010

Just had to

I was rummaging and found these tiger jasper donuts in my stash.  They screamed (screamed I tell ya) to be paired with these turquoise shell beads from Happy Mango Beads.  This was fun to make and, I think, very handsome on the wrist.  That is my freckled arm, thank you very much.  EEK.

Sunday, PM and watching the heat climb higher and higher.  I have a feeling this summer is going to be a hot one.  Well, it's gonna be what it's gonna be, right?  Right.  The babies are feeling the heat.  They have lots of clay tile to lie on in my house, so they find a cool spot and sleep.  They love ice cubes so I give them some a couple of times a day.

I need to go get my car washed, but I don't want to venture outside.  I think I'll settle in for a movie instead.  Tomorrow is work, so I need to relax anyway.

Hope everyone is having a great day.  Peace and love to all.


Lanyardlady said...

I love the bracelet. How did you get that to work? Miserably hot here, too. Wish I could do like my dog and sleep all day. Stay cool.

Cathryn said...

Oh Elizabeth--that is just lovely! You made something really unique! You have any more tiger jasper donuts left over? If you do, I see a matching necklace, but I imagine earrings would be too heavy. However, not if you made the earrings out of the shell beads! Wooooohooooooo!

I also understand when certain beads just scream at you! Congratulations on a wonderful new addition to your jewelry!

RockerJewlz said...

Perfect timing. I just decided to try this bead inside a ring style, and here you are showing us yours.