Sunday, June 13, 2010

Bead give away update! The beads and a surprise

Hi all, just been having a lazy weekend, didn't make it to the computer yesterday.  Here is the bead give away preview. Above is the overall give away.  I think this should make for some very nice beading.  And there is a surprise inside the tin (middle), which is also part of the give away.  This was so much fun to put together.  I'm really eager to see what is made.  Please blog your creations.  Below are more detailed images of the individuals sets.

Various gemstone chip beads, my new fave, includes flourite, autumn jasper, sodalite and others.

Some coconut shell and some kind of seed pods.  These are fun and exotic.

A polymer clay covered tin with a surprise inside!

Some recycled, sandblasted glass beads.  The colors are divine! Pale, pale green, medium mint green
and a gorgeous blue.  Yum-tastic, for sure.
Here is a set of polymer clay beads I made for someone who ended up changing their mind about the colors, so I'm passing them on to someone to enjoy.  There are eleven of the small, button-type and one large-ish pendant. 

These are some polymer clay "loner" beads I have made and they need a new home.  Some of them are large.

Lastly, here are some jasper and onyx beads.  You might recognize the tiger jasper donut that I used recently in a bracelet.

The dogs and I sat in the back for a while this morning enjoying a relatively cool morning (only supposed to hit 92 today and there is a cool breeze.

"oh, yeah, you and what army are gonna make me?"  Tess is a sassy little thing.

Someone with white fur and spots smelled like wet dog after a romp with the tennis ball through the sprinkler.  Hmmm.

Well, Tuesday at 7PM MDST will be the drawing.  So get your comments in!

Peace and love to all.


Cathryn said...

That's a lot of beads! Wooooooohooooooooo! I'm so glad I put this in my blog. I think I'll have to get up early and post about them again!

Those polymer clay beads would fit my mother's "I don't have anything in fall colors to wear" phone conversation! LOL

moonlitfantaseas said...

WOW! what a generous giveaway! someone is really going to be lucky!

Almost Precious said...

The beads are lovely, and such variety. You can thank Cathryn of Chile Cats for directing me to your blog and your giveaway.

Bead-aholics unite !!! :D
I am now a new follower of your pretty blog (maybe you could take a peek at my blog and follow if you like it?).

Cathryn said...

*grins at Elizabeth* See? Posting about your giveaway gave you some more people! LOL

PS: Don't count this-I'm just thrilled for you and had to let you know!