Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring in a town without seasons.....

How does El Paso know when Spring has sprung (aside from me repeatedly playing the Printemps movement from Vivaldi's Four Seasons)?  Well in Northest El Paso we have the distinct honor of having tons of the only wild poppies (and there is always the obligatory mention of them not being THE opium poppy by the local media) in town.  Anyway, I celebrate the NE El Paso poppy today as the poppy celebration is officially today.

They grow right out of the rocks in any vacant lot available.  They run from bright lemon yellow to wonderful ombre orange.  They are just so damn cheerful.  Of course, I have photos!

Some people encourage the growth in their side yards (above) that are zeriscaped.  Takes away the drabness of the rocks don't you think?
Anyway, just wanted to share the springing of spring in a town with no real seasons, unless you consider sweltering and bearable seasons.  Still love my town though!

Peace and love to all.


Cathryn said...

They are damn cheerful! I'm still waiting for the snow to melt--just so the next batch scheduled to arrive on Tuesday gets here! I'm thinking all this snow will kill my daffodils and tulips--but so far, they are still popping up!

Elizabeth said...

Oh I hope the snow doesn't freeze your tulips. I love tulips. Daisies are my favorite, followed by carnations and then tulips. I like colorful, simple flowers that are versatile. I've tried growing daisies here, but the heat is brutal on them.