Monday, December 14, 2009

Wow, talk about...........

Talk about bad bloggers....I'm Elizabeth and I'm a bad blogger, my last post was Nov 11.  EEK-gads.  Well, what is new in Elizabeth Land?  Not much.  Lots of work drama, oh and well.  Really bored with the work drama, so will leave it there.

I have managed to make some new pieces and entered a contest, Use the Muse III.  Can't wait to see the gallery of entries, very excited.  I will post a pic of my entry once the big reveal happens.  Everything is very hush hush for now.

Use the Muse really got my creativity mood up and running.  I needed a deadline, or something, to recharge and this process really did it.  I felt committed to the process, which I really needed to feel about something.  Commitment has been lacking in Elizabeth-ville as of late.  So just the kick in the toukas that I needed.  The reveal is Friday I believe at the Beader's Muse website, which you can reach here:

Scarlet Lanson is the sweetest!  Very diligent and special to work with.  She made sure everyone had what they needed and adjusted deadlines as necessary.  If you haven't participated in Use the Muse, it is must do.  So worth the price of admission.

Okay, enough gushing.  Have a great week and I'll see everyone (does anyone visit this place) at the weekend,  maybe sooner...don't hold your breath, ha!

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