Monday, June 6, 2011


The last few weeks have had me begging for something creative but without the motivation to act.  I've known for a month or two that I wanted to take an art related class of some kind this summer to get my mind away from state assessments and special ed paperwork, school in general.  I NEED to feed MY soul. 

In addition, I did not want to travel outside of El Paso.  I have taken a trip somewhere job related during my birthday week the last five years and I have had enough.   I HATE to travel.  Seriously, left up to me, I would be just like that ancient dead man they found in a cave in England a few years ago who had relatives 10 miles away, only I would not have made it 10 miles!!  I was an Army brat raised, not by wolves (although the jury is still officially out on the wolf issue), but by extroverted, nomad parents who loved moving, making new friends, etc, etc, etc.  While the experiences and places I have been are priceless, I never had a hometown and longed for one. Also, being a shy, extreme introvert (can we say recessive gene) it took me FOREVER to make new friends. When my dad retired in 1968 to his love of El Paso, so did I at the ripe old age of 15.  That was it, I wasn't moving anywhere else, EVER.

I digress, back to the need for an art infusion, I couldn't find any classes that were here in El Paso and I absolutely refuse to leave this summer, so I mottled together my own "art" course with free projects found at Interweave Press and YouTube.I downloaded mixed media tutorials, beading tutorials, videos on wirewrapping are sitting in my wait list on YouTube.   I really want to barely leave my house this summer, so the computer was a logical source.  I'm also looking at some DVD's and ebooks from Interweave, not free, but hey, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay less than the cost of a plane ticket, gas and my sanity. For instance check out this short little teaser video from Interweave, after two minutes, my mind was racing with possibilities. short inspiration packed video    Brilliant! 

And Interweave Press store  tons of free projects 

YOUTUBE ->;The Crafts Channel (just an example of what is on YouTube.  I'm not going to paint "wellies" but so fun to watch and I feel like I'm in a British art class with a couple of whacky, crafty English birds.

I hope I have inspired someone to take a step to something.  When asked lately, always a question when educators are headed to vacation time, others regale me with their planned itineraries and I simply say, "I'm doing as little as possible with a maximum of fun-ness!"  They recoil in shock and awe, "You mean you aren't GOING ANYWHERE????????"   "Nope," I say, "and you can't make me! (insert raspberry sound here)."  I cannot tell you how content I feel.....

I will update my progress on said art endeavor and hope everyone is doing just what they want with their precious vacation time!!!  A little or a lot, your choice.

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Lanyardlady said...

Sounds like a fun and fulfilling summer for you! Will be checking back to see what you're feeding your soul.