Sunday, March 20, 2011

Looking for my muse....sigh

When inspiration alludes, hunt...

While looking for my very naughty AWOL muse I've been visiting famous artists' websites.  What a treasure these are.  Thanks to all those that keep these sites alive, probably with very little support from our government...but I digress.

Today I visited Calder's site for a while and what a treasure.  I love kinetic sculpture and Calder never disappoints.  But first up is one of his very first sculptures, a little dog in 1909. I'm in love with this simple, sweet, expressive piece.  How lucky are we to have this national treasure available on line?  Very!!

"Dog", Calder, 1909 from Calder Foundation Website, copyright 2011

"Myxomatose"---Calder 1953 from Calder Foundation Website, 2011

I love the above piece.  This is the style that Calder is probably most known for.  These abstract kinetic pieces have always fascinated me.  His color talent is amazing as well.

"Bracelet"  1935  Calder from Calder Foundation website 2011

This bracelet is right up my alley now.  I'm loving working with wire and love this piece.  Calder also made wonderful paintings and wood sculptures.  He was extremely prolific and we all benefit from this vast archive of work.

If you have some time to dwaddle and want a little eye candy try going here Calder foundation.  I don't think you will be disappointed.  Have a great Sunday.

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Lanyardlady said...

Love Calder, love mobiles and am fascinated by kinetic art. Thanks for pointing me to this site. And BTW, the muses must be hanging out together somewhere because mine is on vay-cay, too!