Saturday, November 13, 2010

I won beads!; I hate my hair; Life is good

I won the Cindy Gimbrone set that I blogged about.  Yay.  They are more beautiful in person!  What bead-head doesn't love free beads?

I hate my hair.  It is longer than it has been in about 18 years.  I like being able to "bun" it or pony tail it, but it has no style.  I refuse to cut bangs because there is thinning in front and bangs just accentuates that issue.  Also, in the summer I'm a face/head sweater, so the bangs just get smooshed to the side.  Enough whining.

Today I tried to take a new picture of the dogs, but they were not in posing mood.  Since Rudy's passing I have not taken a new picture of just the two.  That will be my weekend goal.

I have been creating a bit lately and below I'm highlighting some of my favorite new items, enjoy.

First up is my memory wire cuff.  I call this Calypso.  So simple, just colorful, mass market painted wooden rounds that I have put into a different pattern on each wire.  Fun for spring, I think.  Just wanted something happy.

Next up is another memory wire cuff I call rough bling.  The stations are enamled flower components with blue crystals.  The blue rounds are recycled African glass.  The light blue are amazonite chips.  I'm in love with this number (blue is my favorite color) afterall.

I'll share more this week now that I have discovered pre posting options on this blog.  Have a great week fellow beadies.  Peace and love, to all!


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Lanyardlady said...

Congrats on winning the beads, Elizabeth! Your Calypso bracelet is yummy and so is the blue one. And who doesn't hate their hair at least once a week? Keep on creating....