Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I'm gonna party, like it's my birthday...

And I did.  Just had a wonderful 3 hour gab fest dinner with amazing friends with whom I helped right the world. Did you feel that tilt?  Love you, Universe.  Mwah!!!!!!!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Let's see...

I've missed the 4th of July here, Happy Belated Independence America.  I went on an unexpected trip to Chicago with a very good friend who had won the entire trip to see U2.  It was smashing.

Generally, I've been having a VERY laid back summer.  Just what I needed to recharge.  I don't officially go back until August 15 and I'm pretty psyched to see what is in store for me next year.  Education is always a surprise.  You put your order in at March preregistration and then the admin mixes it all up and give you what they think you should have.

I have been making stuff, finishing up long waiting projects, etc.  I do want to get back to blogging here and will have some photos up this week of recently made items, as well as some before and after of the clean up.  I have one spot left to take care of in the studio and then I can post real before and afters.

I really just wanted to check in with anyone that checks in with me and say "hey", so Hey!

I'll leave you with a bit of Chicago:

At U2.  This was a lucky capture!

Lake Michigan waterfront  from the trolley tour on top of the doubledecker.  The doubledecker can now be checked off my bucket list as one of those things I've always wanted to ride.

The river and a bit of skyline.  Chicago is quite a juxtaposition of modern and vintage buildings, which I loved.

Peace and love, fellow bead-heads!!