Sunday, September 27, 2009

Just another passive Sunday.............

Here is what I looooooooooooooove about the internet: You can be as anonymous or intimate as you want to be.  It is the modern version of exploring, I think.  I think, not sure.

Had a rousing game of fetch with Daisy.  She ran through the sprinkler on each throw and is now sopping wet.  The other babies just think she is silly, and they are correct, she is silly.

I have to finish some jewelry and other things that can be put off no longer!  Have a great week.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Ice Cream War and other baubles for today...

Did a presentation for the day job today with a colleague.  Always good to know who your real friends are and he is a real friend, 'nuff said.

My clay work calls to me, but not loud enough for me to act on it.  My craft room is a MESS with a capital T and that means trouble in River City...or some such nonsense.  Still recovering from a nasty virus (aka F-L-U). 

Watched a wonderful doc on Carla Bruni last night.  I love her spirit, although I don't think it is cosmically okay that someone that beautiful is also sooooooooooo wonderful and talented.  I mean really, is that karmically fair?  She must have been reallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy bad in a past life, right?  MEandOW, I know.  Seriously though, what chance do normal mortals have against goddesses like that? Oy. Love her though.  Girl crush.

Wow, posting two days in row, did the world tilt on its axis?

Want to talk about the neighborhood ice cream truck war on the Ponderosa.  On Thu, Fri, Sat and Sun about 4 PM an ice cream truck #1 with, IMO, creepy music circles about 3 times.  Then about 6 PM Ice cream truck #2 with, again IMO, more traditional happier ice cream-y music circles around 3 times.  Just recently at  7PM, ICT#1 wCM circles again; ICT#2wTICM does not come back.  This has gone on for about a year.  But-I'm concerned with the recent, IMO, escalation of the ICT#1 route #2.  Is a full blown war in progress?  Will fudge bombs fly?  To be continued.....

Friday, September 11, 2009

How do I post regularly??

My blog has no direction. Does it need one? Sometimes I think yes and other times I feel that it is my blog to do as I like with, so there. Ha.

Been laid up with the flu for 3 days and am finally on the mend. Woke up with a tiny fever today, but was easily remedied.

Okay, back to the blog. My first commitment should just be consistent posting, right? Right!

I'm off to make some food. More tomorrow.